• Need Experience?

    We have it.

    We have been working in the field of marketing and human capital analytics for 20 years, and have successfully consulted clients on a range of industry verticals including financial services, public policy, telecommunications, transportation, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, health care, higher education and energy.

    We are recognized thought leaders.

    We have worked with C-Suite executives and clients around the globe, including the United States, China, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan and many other locations. We have presented at dozens of conferences around the world. We have helped countless organizations optimize their products and value propositions.

  • Our Founders

    Tim Glowa

    Co-Founder, Partner

    Tim is a results-focused marketing analytics and human resources consultant who has been helping clients solve complex marketing or human capital challenges for nearly twenty years. A recognized thought leader in the preference measurement, total rewards strategy development, and human capital analytics spaces, Tim has published several articles on conjoint and its applications. Tim has also presented on this topic at numerous conferences in North America, Asia and Europe. He has conducted a number of studies over the past two decades for senior executives at Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong,

    Australia, and the U.K.

    Tim is also the author of "Measuring Customer Satisfaction".

    We have a team of skilled professionals dedicated to improving your business decisions through 

    market research and

    human capital analytics.

    Garry Spinks

    Co-Founder, Partner

    Garry has more than nineteen years of client management and consulting experience. He has worked extensively with a vast number of Fortune 500 companies, providing advice on organizational effectiveness, business process improvement, strategy development, financial management and human capital issues. Garry has deep expertise in working with clients on how to best influence their base by way of effective marketing through segmentation and key messaging. He has successfully overseen the use of conjoint studies to help clients make better decisions, providing action-based solutions to solve their issues.




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