• How We Can Help

    Marketing Analytics

    We can help organizations with all aspects of their marketing analytics from focus groups to conjoint to data mining. And everything in between.


    Our approach to every project is based entirely on your specific needs and growth requirements.You can expect Bug Insights to deliver exceptional insight and advice, based on the highest standards of research and consulting – for the decisions that really matter.


  • We are not your average market researchers

  • Do you have questions? We have answers.

    • What is liked and/or disliked about our product?

    • How do our customers make choices?

    • What unmet needs do our customers have?

    • How likely is a customer to churn?

    • Are the opinions of a segment the same as all others?

    • What are the drivers of satisfaction?

    • If we were to introduce a new product or service, how might our customers react?

    • How can we design the optimal product feature, balancing preferences against cost?

    • What is the relationship between customer opinions and store or unit profitability?

    • If we could invest in product or service improvements, which will deliver the greatest ROI?

  • Are you sick of bad marketing research?

  • Are you sick of market research consultants presenting you with data that leads you on a road to absolutely nowhere?